Three Indoor Activities for Your Child’s Next Party

With Winter’s arrival, the days are shorter and it is harder to have fun outdoor. Fight off cabin fever by finding fun activities to do inside. Indoor kids parties can still provide hours of fun entertainment. Check out these three great indoor games that will make for an unforgettable party for your child.

Freeze Dance

All you need for this activity is a music streaming device and a pre-planned playlist. Let your child choose their top five favorite songs before the party, and use those as the soundtrack to what’s sure to be an epic game of freeze dance.

Photo by  Donnie Ray Jones

Gather the party guests in a circle and explain that when you hit play, and the song begins, they should dance. When you hit pause, and the music stops, they have to freeze! If someone fails to freeze in time, they’re out, and the others continue until there’s just one child remaining as the reigning King or Queen of freeze dance.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a big hit at kids parties. This activity takes a little pre-planning. You’ll need to write clues ahead of time, and place them in well-hidden locations, each leading to the next clue.

Photo by Harvard Law Record

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, try writing rhyming clues. Hide a worthy prize at the end of the hunt so the kids have something to hunt for. It’s best to include at least one child on each team who knows the house well.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Making short films at a kids party can be a way to get kids excited, keep them busy, and provide hours of entertainment. If you have a phone, tablet, or camera with video capability, you’re set.

Photo by Dana Jackson

To get started, divide the guests into groups of at least three, each with their own camera. Let the adults play too, either on teams with kids or on a separate team. Each team must then draw a slip of paper with a movie genre on it. Then, have them take turns drawing three lines of dialogue from a second container, reading each one aloud as they do.

They must find some way to work those into their film, even if the line is, “I can’t believe you’ve got my sock on your head.” Encourage them to make costumes and props, and to film all over the house. Once the teams have their genres and dialogue, turn them loose with a time limit, and call, “Action!”

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