Inflatables AMA: Your Questions, Our Answers

We’ve Been Asked A Lot of Questions.

Space Walk rents inflatables for thousands of parties and events all over the United States every year. We wanted to share a little bit of knowledge gained from that experience to address our customer’s top questions and concerns.

Whether you’re interested in a bounce house, water slide, obstacle course, or sports game we’ve got the answer to your questions!

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Why You Should Not Let Children of Varying Sizes Bounce Together

girl bouncing in yellow bounce house

Children of all ages often enjoy jumping and playing in an inflatable kids’ bounce house. The physical exercise from the active play can be beneficial to health, but accidents can happen in such a tight space.

Whether you rent the equipment for your event or you and your child are visitors at someone else’s event, you’ll need to take specific steps to keep your youngster safe from injury.

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