4 Ways to Have Family Fun This Halloween

This Year Halloween Falls On A Weekend.

Pumpkins are carved, pumpkin spiced latte’s have been brewed, and pumpkin pie is in the oven. All that’s left is to try your costume on one last time and say goodbye to your sugar-free diet.

Not everyone celebrates Halloween by trekking through their neighborhood asking strangers for candy. So we put together a list of alternative ideas for your weekend. Throw on your weirdest wig and read up on four ways to have fun with your friends and family this weekend.

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Host an Unconventional Wedding by Renting a Bounce House

As important as planning the wedding ceremony is, the reception is what everyone is really going to be talking about for years to come. Why not make yours memorable by perusing inflatable rentals?

Not only will a bounce house keep the kids occupied when bubbles or other party favors have worn out their welcome, but the adults at your party will have a blast as well.

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