Host an Unconventional Wedding by Renting a Bounce House

As important as planning the wedding ceremony is, the reception is what everyone is really going to be talking about for years to come. Why not make yours memorable by perusing inflatable rentals?

Not only will a bounce house keep the kids occupied when bubbles or other party favors have worn out their welcome, but the adults at your party will have a blast as well.

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Throw the Perfect Theme Party With A Bounce House

When your party guests are young and active, a party needs to have plenty of opportunities for the eradication of their boundless energy. Bounce house rentals can fulfill this need by providing a safe and fun venue, perfect for exerting hours of energy.

As you plan this fun event, choose the perfect theme that will excite all the children at the party. Inflatables come in a variety of designs and styles for this purpose.

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Inflatables AMA: Your Questions, Our Answers

We’ve Been Asked A Lot of Questions.

Space Walk rents inflatables for thousands of parties and events all over the United States every year. We wanted to share a little bit of knowledge gained from that experience to address our customer’s top questions and concerns.

Whether you’re interested in a bounce house, water slide, obstacle course, or sports game we’ve got the answer to your questions!

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Red, White, and Bounce: Hosting a 4th of July Bounce House Party

4th of July is one of the most memorable ‘family days’ of the summer. Not only are we celebrating the birth of our nation, but we get to do so by spending the day outside in the warm summer weather with our families and friends.

However one of the challenges of planning a party can be finding activities that both adults and kids can enjoy.

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How To Host A Wipeout-Style Party With Inflatables

Have you been to any birthday parties lately? How about a graduation party, or a Bar Mitzvah? Most parties have two things in common: they are fun, yet often forgettable.

Your next party can be fun, inspiring, thrilling, and most certainly memorable. With a bit of outdoor space, you can host a Wipeout-style party this summer. Whether it’s a graduation celebration or a “just because” party, you can make your next event unforgettable.

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