Turn Family Movie Night Into a Blockbuster Event

Posted by Spencer Darr on May 19, 2016 8:00:00 PM

For one night, convince your kids to put their cell phones away with these awesome family movie night ideas. All you need is a great flick, some popcorn, and a whole lot of screen.

Get Outside

Moving your family movie night outside gets the kids off the couch, out of their comfort zone, and ready for a big cinematic experience. At 21'x16', the Space Walk inflatable movie screen transports your family into the world of the film, whether it be science fiction, fantasy, or one with talking animals.


The suspense of running from dinosaurs feels more real when you're away from the plush comfort of the living room. In addition to the screen, the Space Walk movie package comes with an HD projector and speakers that will shake your soda!

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Popcorn Bar

popcorn-machine.jpgIf you're having a movie theater experience at home, an authentic popcorn machine will elevate the event from imposter to impressive.

Don't just settle for butter and salt as your flavors; mix and match the savory and the sweet with a popcorn bar. Set out bowls of different candies, such as Gummy Bears and Skittles for the fruit lovers and Reese's Pieces and M&Ms for the chocolate fans, and let your family throw their favorites into their popcorn bags. You can even offer different spices & sauces to toss the popcorn in for an extra kick of flavor.

Camp Out

Since you're already outside lounging under the stars, it's easy to transition your family movie night into a family backyard campout. Just set up the tents beforehand.


If the weather is still cool, grab some concrete stones and firewood to make a campfire. Give the classic s'more recipe a new spin by adding homemade raspberry jam or strawberries. If you're feeling creative ditch the graham crackers and mix desert up with a campfire cone.


As for what movie to choose, screen some of the classic Disney animated features that have been remade into live action. The Jungle Book, for example, just came out and demolished the box office, so dust off the original and treat your kids to a classic, whether it's for the first time or the thirteenth. If you're worried about appeasing a broad age range it is hard to go wrong with any of the Pixar films from the last 20 years (except Cars).

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