So You Need to Plan the Best End of the School Year Party Ever...

Posted by Spencer Darr on Jun 2, 2016 4:00:00 PM

It's the end of the school year, which means it's time to reward your students for studying hard and staying (relatively) out of trouble. But instead of hoarding them all into a school bus and taking them to the movies, or travelling to the closest overpriced theme park, plan your own end of the year school party blowout right on your school's campus. And at Space Walk, we have just the attractions to pull in the crowd.

Climb-N-Challenge Rock Wall

School is full of friendly competition, but your students will not have seen a competition quite like the Climb-n-Challenge.


This is an alternative take on the classic rock wall, The standard configuration features a tremor ladder, tire climb, and "The Wall," which all test the strength, balance, and determination of the participants. Let the school day rivalries be resolved by seeing who can get to the top first. Our Orlando location rents these out nationally.

Cash Cube

Bring a money tornado to your end of the year school party with our cash cube. Participants step inside this hybrid inflatable/machine as dollar bills whip around their bodies. The goal is to catch as much of the money as possible. Don't want to use real money? Substitute with tickets or vouchers your students can redeem for prizes such as a free lunch with the principal or a no homework pass.

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Bungee Run

Challengers put on a vest with an elastic rope attached to it. The rope is tethered to an inflatable wall. Both participants wield a bean bag. Their goal: to plant their bean bag the furthest down the wall before the elastic rope snaps them back and sends them flying towards the start.

A perfect infusion of competitiveness and fun, the Bungee Run is an attraction that will be memorable long after school lets out for the summer.

dunk_tank_sw_employee-1.jpgDunk Tank

This is the main attraction of your end of the year school party. It's time for your students to relieve some stress after all the late night studying, test taking, and applications to colleges.

Put one of your toughest teachers or staff members in the dunk tank—may we suggest the disciplinarian assistant principal?—and watch as your students line up to hurl balls at the target with all their might. And when the bench drops and the faculty member splashes into the tank, hearty laughs will ring out across the school grounds

Add these attractions to your party list. Also know that for a service fee, all your inflatables and other equipment will be delivered, set up, and broken down at the conclusion of your end of the school year festival.

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