Lockdown Inflatable Fun at Your Lock-In Party

Posted by Spencer Darr on May 26, 2016 12:07:29 PM

When you're a kid, what is a better treat than getting to stay up all night? Staying up all night with your friends of course! That's why school or church lock-parties are a great way to give teenagers an excuse to stay out all night, without parents having to worry.

For the kids that have been to a few before, they may be tiring of the same old activities like watching movies, scarfing down pizza, and getting in a few games of HORSE. To get them pumped for the next lock-in party, add some inflatables to the entertainment lineup.



Reinvent an old classic with our Twister inflatable. The air cushion playing pad adds a new layer of difficulty for the players, adding to the laughs for the audience. At its supersized dimensions, all those that want to play can step up, spin the wheel, and try to place their right hand on red. Even failure is fun as falling on this playing pad will spring you back up in a random direction, which can lead to a domino effect causing everyone playing to bounce off the board.

Football Toss

You look downfield and see your wide receiver cutting across midfield to break away from his defender. Out of the corner of your eye, you also see a defensive tackle push past your offensive line. There's enough room ahead of the receiver to reach paydirt, but that window is closing fast, and you need to throw an accurate pass. Play out this scenario with your attendees at your lock-in inflatable party with the Football Toss, and see who really has a laser rocket arm.


Tape down a few marks at 5', 10', and 15', awarding points for each completed pass to get a quarterback competition going.

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Skee Ball

A normal skee ball machine is tough to transport, but our skee ball inflatable allows you to bring this arcade favorite right to your lock-in inflatable party.


Run an all-night competition and hand out prizes to the top scorers at the end of the night. For skee ball, assign a different point total to each hole and limit the number of attempts for a fair and fun contest.

Obstacle Course

Supersize the fun at your lock-in inflatable party by going big with a 40' Obstacle Course. Lock-ins are famous for the amount of junk food (read: lots of sugar) available to keep the party going. Running a lap on this course is a quick way to burn off some of that excess sugar.


The obstacle course is split into two lanes, so it's easy to get the competition cooking without compromising safety. Feature this contest as the finale to your all-night competition!

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Use these activities as rounds of an epic tournament, or keep them as their own isolated activities. Whichever you choose, Space Walk can deliver and set-up your lock-in inflatable party.

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