Get Your Spidey on By Working Out with Inflatables

Posted by Spencer Darr on Aug 29, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Inflatables can do so much more than add fantastic fun to your party; they can also give you a core body workout fit for a superhero. Whether you're renting an inflatable obstacle course or a standard space walk, the bouncing you engage in does wonders for your body. In fact, athletes and movie stars alike use inflatables as a way to push their bodies to the limit.


But before we get into that, what effects do inflatables have on your body when you're bouncing?

Beneficial Effects of Inflatables

According to NASA, ten minutes of consistent jumping is a better cardiovascular workout than a 30-minute run, which is easily accomplished once you climb into a bounce house or onto an inflatable obstacle course.

Jumping for extended periods of time stimulates metabolism, strengthens muscles, increases the vital capacity of the lungs, minimizes the chance for colds, and lowers blood pressure, among other benefits.

Becoming Spiderman

When Tom Holland was cast to play Spiderman in both Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming 2017 Spiderman reboot, he knew that he would have to get into shape to play the web-slinger. But how is one to get a perfect Spiderman physique? By jumping and bouncing around, just like the hero does in the comics, cartoons, and films.

Using an AirTrack, which Holland calls a "huge bouncy castle that you can bounce around in in your garden," Holland speeds down the lanes of the track, leaps in the air, and perform gravity-defying moves perfectly fit for Spidey's return to the silver screen. And his inflatable training has already made him better at jumping than most of his Marvel Cinematic Universe costars.

Insane Inflatable 5K

With the proliferation of extreme physical challenges like CrossFit competitions and Tough Mudder, inflatable obstacle courses have been tasked to boost the difficulty of normal 5K races. Much like our own inflatable obstacle courses, competitors will have to climb, crash, dodge, slide, and of course, bounce past a series of obstacles to make their ways to the finish line. That will really get your cardiovascular system roaring!

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So, no matter if you're throwing a lock-in party or training to save the world, our inflatable fleet will have you jumping for joy.

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