Fuel Your 90s Nostalgia with These Throwback Party Ideas

Posted by Spencer Darr on Oct 10, 2016 12:15:21 PM

The Nickelodeon game shows of the 90s embraced pie-chuckin' and slime-splashin' fun with a gusto that other epochs have yet to rival. Who could forget the gloriously treacherous Wall o' Stuff and celebrated "Pie Pod" featured on What Would You Do?

Any of those classic game shows make the perfect theme for throwback college parties. Grab a few sets of matching t-shirts, and pick your favorite show to recreate.

Nickelodeon Guts

The action sports show presented by Mike O'Malley featured "extreme" versions of popular sports and gigantic arenas. The final round of competition was always a race up the Super Aggro Crag mountain, decked out with glitter geysers and falling boulders.

Earlier rounds included obstacle courses and other races, sometimes in a pool. Often, the extreme variations involved bungee cords and racing the clock. By renting a bungee basketball inflatable, you can put together a competition worthy of a 90s throwback party. Other college parties may rely on tedious variations on the same drinking games like flip cup and beer pong, but inflatable sports take things to the next level.

Double Dare

One of a seemingly endless stream of Nickelodeon shows that emphasized mess and physical competition, Double Dare blended trivia questions with physical challenges. The competitive challenges tended to be messy with time limits of 30 seconds or less.

With a little organization ahead of time, whipped cream pies and messy obstacle courses are easily put together in any outdoor space. Wild and Crazy Kids was a similarly messy show that featured group competitions, often in an outdoor setting. Dizzy bat home run derby and three-legged soccer are easily recreated for competitions at college parties. Inflatables like the water balloon battle allow you to drench the competition on your team's messy slog to glory.

American Gladiators

Okay, so it wasn't on Nickelodeon, but American Gladiators was another classic 90s show where grown-up athletes competed with all the gusto of kids competing for slime buckets. A precursor to the contemporary Ninja Warrior craze, American Gladiator showcased athletes performing serious feats of strength and agility, with contenders competing directly against the gladiators rather than each other. The big finale was a jousting match from elevated pedestals. With inflatable jousting arenas, college parties become the proving grounds for champions.


Whichever show you choose to imitate, inflatables make for a memorable climax with fun of epic proportions. Have your teams compete in relays or other games, depending on the type of throwback theme, and the big finale will have everyone jumping with the excitement of 90s game show contestants.

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