Feel the Sugar Rush by Planning a Candyland Party

Posted by Spencer Darr on Aug 31, 2016 6:30:00 PM

Candyland is iconic because of its simplicity; there is no counting or reading in the game. Just pick up a card, see what color is on the card, and move your piece to the next space of that color. Because of this game design, Candyland is one of the first board games children play. Released in 1949, it is a favorite of fun-lovers of all ages.


The fantastical imagery of the game also lends itself to some great craft projects. That is why a Candyland party is one theme that will bring joy to your attendees from any generation.

Candyland Party Decorations

Constructing the Candyland party decorations is fairly simple. For giant lollipops, purchase some thick insulation from the nearest hardware store and cut it into circles. Use the lollipop designs from the game as inspiration on how to paint the insulation. Once painted, sprinkle glitter on the paint, wrap the insulation in cellophane, and then stick a dowel rod in their bottoms.

Photo from Celebrate Always

Creating large hard candies is even simpler than the lollipops. For these, just inflate as many balloons as you need (with oxygen, not helium, unless you want your candy to float), and then wrap each balloon in colored tissue paper. Pinch the ends of the tissue paper and tie them off with curling ribbon.

As for the Candyland sign, paint foam letters from your local art supplies store in pink, red, and white in a candy cane pattern. Stick the sign at the beginning of the game board.

Life-size Game of Candyland

Photo from DIY Inspired

Bring the game to life by constructing a life-size version of the board for your Candyland party. Making the actual board is simple and can be done one of three ways, depending on your time and budget.

The first way is the cheapest and easiest, which is to tape long, brightly colored pieces of construction paper together. The drawback here is that the construction paper will get torn under the feet of the players.

You can also use big sheets of laminated card stock, which will endure for multiple uses, though getting the card laminated takes time.


The last method is to get a long wooden board and section it off with painter's tape. Paint each section with the color of the space you want it to be. Once dry, you have a perfect board! You can just take the cards from the actual game to draw for your life-size game, but if you want to make giant cards to match the proportions, go ahead.

The End of the Candy Rainbow

So what's the goal for completing the game of Candyland? If your party guests are young children or toddlers, they'll be thrilled to get to the end and jump into our Mini Ball Pit.

It's the castle that rules over all of Candyland, after all. For older guests, a slide through the Rainbow Slip N' Slide is an exciting prize for their participation. No matter which one you choose, just make sure there's plenty of cotton candy to be had at the game's conclusion.

Start Planning Your Party!

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