Fast and Furious: 5 Extreme Inflatable Activities to Fuel Your Adrenaline Rush

Posted by Spencer Darr on Apr 13, 2017 10:29:40 AM

 Hear that sound?

It’s the hum of car motors revving up in anticipation for the latest Fast and Furious movie, The Fate of the Furious

Yes, this is the 8th film in the series, and yes, the franchise has made almost $4 billion worldwide—but what makes watching Vin Diesel and The Rock driving souped up Nissans off cliffs so popular?

fast and furious - fate of the furious | party theme.png

The adrenaline rush. The movies do a great job of filming action sequences that make you feel like you’re behind the steering wheel, driving 200 mph up a ramp and launching your car straight into a hovering helicopter. These scenes get the heart racing, the blood rushing, and the fists pumping once the seemingly impossible is made possible.

But what do you do after you’ve exited the theater? You can’t make drift turns in your Honda Civic all the way home. But what you can do is take note of these five extreme inflatable activities that are sure to feed your adrenaline rush.

The Xcelerator

Billed as “the World’s Biggest, Fastest Inflatable Water Slide,” you’ll be a fingertip’s length away from scratching the sky when you reach the Xcelerator’s peak. 

How It’ll Make You Feel: Like Brian running across the side of a semi-truck and jumping to safety as it slides across the edge of a mountain.

paul walker jumping off sliding truck.gif


Aquafun is the UAE’s largest inflatable amusement park. Though it can’t beat the Xcelerator in the sheer height of its water slide, it has something else going for it: it also features one of the largest inflatable obstacle courses in the world (though the water slide is a behemoth as well). 

How It’ll Make You Feel: Like you’re racing neck and neck down the cliff side of a canyon, and you bump into the railing protecting you from an ocean waiting to engulf you and your car.

driving on cliffs edge for amusement on a joy ride.gif

Wacky World

You’ve probably been to a party or event with an inflatable slide, bounce house, and obstacle course. As fun as those parties are, Wacky World has taken the concept of multiple inflatables and pushed the it to the absolute limit by providing over 30,000 feet of inflatable fun, with 20 different activities.

How It’ll Make You Feel: Like you’re in a high-stakes race with your car’s pink slip on the line and you know the only way to pass you adversary is to jump your car across the upcoming intersection.

car goes airborn jumps curb.gif

The Labyrinth Challenge

The Labyrinth Challenge is the longest inflatable obstacle course in the world. It’s 1000 feet long and offers obstacles like jump offs, hurdles, balance beams, giant balls, and more.

But what makes the Labyrinth Challenge truly magical is how it gives its visitors the chance to live their dreams of playing a live action video game. Featuring varied stages like Toxic Zone and Lava Zone, you’ll know exactly how Mario felt during his first 3D adventure in Super Mario 64.

How It’ll Make You Feel: Like you’re weaving through traffic, dodging both cars and runaway wrecking balls.

car race wrecking ball - fast and furious party.gif

Inflatable Fast and Furious Party

It’s the cool thing to do now that the Kardashians have done it—throw a Fast and Furious party for your family to commemorate the newest entry in your favorite film franchise. 

Not everyone can fly to the UAE or the UK to experience inflatable thrills like Aquafun and the Labyrinth Challenge, but Space Walk can deliver your adrenaline rush right to your backyard. 

The Race Car bounce house will satisfy all your thrill-seeking needs, and the 5-n-1 Race Car Combo will give your partygoers even more to bounce off of. 

backyard race course - fast and furious party.jpg

But if you really want to feel like Paul Walker (or, as I like to call him, Paul Fast), no Fast and Furious party is complete without the Backyard Race Car Course. This obstacle course features two lanes so you can race your friends, just like Dom and Brian in the original.

How It’ll Make You Feel: Like you’re having the time of your life with your best friends.

best friends - family - fast and furious party.gif

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